Life in the Suburbs – On Coffee I

Since 2014 I’ve lived in the Suburbs of Chicago; certainly not by choice but due to proximity to school. During my time at DePaul University I became a full-blown city-boy. I loved being able to take a train or a stroll to a quality coffee shop to read or study and enjoy an Americano.

It has been a struggle to find good coffee in my area. There are a few Korean-run Asian-Euro fusion places that serve your typical Espresso drinks along with French-style pastries and Korean desserts and teas; kind of an odd mash-up that actually works well.

More recently I’ve found a quality roaster in Wheaton, IL, home to the Christian college named after the town, Wheaton College; I was just there the other day to hear the Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor speak last week in, of all places, the Billy Graham Center on campus. The cafe is called River City Roasters; they serve quality espresso drinks with nice crema on top and also serve amazing cinnamon rolls and a little treat they call the Protein Bomb which is made up of chocolate, honey, oats, and peanut butter. I’m willing to drive the twenty-five minutes to get my fix and read a book or work on this blog!P_20170320_122108.jpg


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  1. If you want excellent coffee get a French press! French presses make the best cup of coffee ever! Well you have to have good beans to begin with and you’ll need a good grinder too. I love buying my own beans and grinding and then steeping in my French press. I guess it’s the whole “ritual” of it. I can make a pretty good cinnamon roll too. It’s been a while since I’ve made some. Anyway you should go and buy a French press . I hate using the Keurig because of the waste that goes in the land fills due to those stupid pods! Can you imagine all the pods that are in the landfills?! The thought makes me ill. With the French press you can use the grounds in a compost for your garden. 😊✌️💜


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